For the Rider

Riding to work will save you time and money while helping to reduce congestion. Riding normally uses less fuel than driving a car and is is less polluting than commuting in a larger vehicle. Most of all, riding to work demonstrates motorcycling has a social benefit for all road users.

For Motorcycling

Ride to Work Day is all about raising positive awareness of motorcycles and the benefits they bring and the aim is to do that in the most visible possible way – getting more people out on motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

For Society

We all want to see more motorcycles, scooters and mopeds on the road. It’s good for our towns and cities because motorcycling helps to reduce urban pollution and congestion. It alleviates pressure on public transport, parking and infrastructure.

It's also about...

Changing Attitudes

The event aims to raise awareness of motorcycling among the wider public and employers. At the same time, we aim to show the positive aspects of motorcycling in the media and encourage people to consider taking up biking as an alternative to driving. By riding to work we demonstrate that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day.


Parking spaces are a costly overhead. Supporting staff who use a motorcycle, scooter or moped to commute permits more efficient use of spaces and helps to lower the cost to your organisation. Small motorcycles and scooters take up very little space. Riders generally find it easier to be on time too!

The Trade

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a franchised dealer or an independent, a breaker, a workshop owner, a rider training provider or simply a supplier of services to the motorcycle sector – it’s in your interests to support an initiative which aims to boost the numbers of people motorcycling.

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