Learn to Ride

So you want to ride a motorcycle, and you are not sure where to start?
The basic steps are:
  1. Do the driver theory test
  2. Get your Learner Permit
  3. Do your Initial Basic Training with an approved instructor
  4. Sit the practical test

There are four motorcycle license categories. For anyone who is 24 years or over, we recommend you apply in category A. This means that when you pass your test, you will be licensed to ride any motorcycle.

For those aged 16 to 23 the process is slightly more complicated but your instructor can guide you.

Next Steps:

Find an approved driving instructor in Category A by checking the RSA's web site - Click Here 

Contact your chosen instructor and ask for face to face meeting to discuss your options. Your instructor will guide you through the process of gaining your license with all the support you need. Many offer school bikes for training and test purposes.

Don't say "One day I'll do that..."

...because there has never been a better time to start than today! In less than a year from now you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Take the plunge and enjoy the ride.