Paris benefits from motorcycling

When we ask ourselves what sort of supports we’d like to see in place to help boost the numbers using motorcycles, scooters or mopeds it often helps to look at what other cities are doing. France has always had a strong tradition of motorcycling and nowhere more so than in the towns & cities where mopeds and scooters are commonplace.

Paris was the focus of a 2011 study by Professor Pierre Kopp of the Sorbonne University which found that there were far more powered two wheelers – that’s mopeds, scooters and motorcycles – on the roads of the French capital city than were recorded in the official figures.

Furthermore, Professor Kopp found that this delivered substantial economic benefits to the city while reduced congestion lowered journey times for everyone.

The supports that are in place in Paris, parking, traffic segregation, etc. combined with a culture which values the benefits of motorcycling encourages even very young riders to use mopeds and scooters and shows what could be achieved in Ireland with a little more positive support from our transport planners and perhaps a more coordinated push from the motorcycle sector towards making it happen.

By riding your motorcycle, scooter or moped to work on Ride to Work Day you’ll be demonstrating – in the most vivid possible way – the benefits that using a motorcycle brings to everyone. With traffic congestion once again on the rise and public transport thin on the ground there has never been a better time to be on two wheels.