Ride To Work Day is a global event which promotes the societal benefits of motorcycling and is held on the third Monday of June every year. There are tangible benefits for an employer in supporting employees to commute by motorcycle.

Improving your company’s environmental footprint – Supporting motorcycle, scooter and moped users helps to reduce congestion and pollution and demonstrates that the employer has an interest in the environment. This can help to bolster the company’s corporate image while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Improving staff morale – Staff commuting by motorcycle, scooter or moped will not only be saving time and money, they will be actively avoiding the stress of commuting by car or on unreliable public transport. A happier and less stressed employee means better productivity and lower absenteeism. Riders generally find it easier to be on time too!

Concrete steps you can take include:

Designate space for motorcycle parking. It is often possible to utilise otherwise dead space for this purpose. In many cases, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds can share cyclist parking facilities without issue provided that such facilities are suitable. Ideally, parking spaces should have a fixed rail or similar to which a lock & chain can be securely attached.

Cycling is great but… Staff who use a motorcycle, scooter or moped to commute to work typically live beyond a reasonable cycling distance. Supporting them is in everyone’s interests and can be integrated into supports put in place for cyclists – for example provision of cycle locking rails.

Provide lockers, storage areas or drying rooms. Like cyclists, staff commuting by motorcycle, scooter or moped will be exposed to the weather. Providing a suitable area in which to change, dry or store riding kit helps to support staff. Many organisations already support cyclists in this manner and it is usually possible to cater for riders within existing facilities at minimal or zero cost.

Consider security. Like bicycles, motorcycles are relatively easy to steal and having CCTV cover on designated cycle/motorcycle parking can help to encourage uptake.

Reduce parking and congestion problems. Parking spaces are a costly overhead. Supporting staff who use a motorcycle, scooter or moped to commute permits more efficient use of spaces and helps to lower the cost to your organization. Small motorcycles and scooters take up very little space – typically similar to that required for a bicycle.

The bottom line: supporting staff who use a motorcycle, scooter or moped to commute will reduce traffic congestion and pollution on the roads. That means better journey times for everyone.