Ride To Work Day is a global event which promotes the societal benefits of motorcycling and is held on the third Monday of June every year. We all want to see more motorcycles, scooters and mopeds on the road.

It’s good for riders, good for our towns and cities, helps to raise awareness of bikes and helps the motorcycle sector to grow and develop in line with the wider economy.

Boost the numbers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a franchised dealer or an independent, a breaker, a workshop owner, a rider training provider or simply a supplier of services to the motorcycle sector – it’s in your interest to support an initiative which aims to boost the numbers of people motorcycling.

Raise awareness. Ride to Work Day is all about raising positive awareness of motorcycles and the benefits they bring and the aim is to do that in the most visible possible way – getting more people out on motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

FEMA. Ride To Work Day is an independent initiative coordinated by FEMA in association with its member organizations throughout Europe.

Positive. Ride to Work Day provides a focus around which the entire motorcycle sector can promote the positive aspects of motorcycling in Europe for the benefit of everyone.